Cosmetic dental treatments and procedures are used to enhance the aesthetics of your smile by making subtle or even dramatic changes to the teeth and other oral tissues. At Dental Aesthetic, we don’t only work on your teeth, gums, and soft tissues but also on your facial features to give you a complete transformation. This helps improve your overall facial appearance and makes you look younger and healthier.

Here are some of the cosmetic services we provide:

One of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments today, dental veneers are thin yet durable porcelain laminates that can conceal imperfections caused by tooth decay, stains, and discoloration, address tooth misalignment issues, and hide excessive spaces between teeth.

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Compared to dental crowns or braces, veneers are a less invasive option that can fix numerous dental issues, including slightly misaligned teeth or teeth stains or discoloration that do not respond to teeth whitening treatments.

Direct or chairside veneers are made in-office by the dentist using moldable composite resin. These veneers are made without sending the impressions to a dental lab and hand sculpted to the desired size, shape, and color by the dentist. They are placed over the teeth and secured to the tooth structure using a strong adhesive and a high-intensity light that helps the adhesive harden in only a few seconds.

Direct veneers are less expensive than indirect ones as they do not involve a dental lab, thus saving you lab fees, impression fees, and temporary veneer fees. In addition, direct veneers can be placed in one visit, whereas traditional veneers require two visits.

Teeth whitening treatment is performed to eliminate dental stains and signs of discoloration from the surface of the teeth to restore their natural color and brightness. Whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures worldwide as it offers instant, dramatic, and long-lasting results. The procedure involves applying a highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide solution to the patient’s teeth that penetrates the enamel to eliminate stains.

GLO is an advanced teeth whitening system that uses heat and light technology and sensitivity-free hydrogen peroxide gel to whiten teeth. The GLO system can whiten your teeth in as little as an hour without pain. It uses a powerful gel that penetrates the teeth to remove deep stains without causing damage to the tooth enamel. With GLO whitening, you can achieve a brighter, healthier-looking smile you will be proud of.

GLO In-Office Whitening

Professional GLO whitening treatment is performed using a professional device that uses Guided Light Optics® and a concentrated professional strength whitening gel. It provides amazing results in under an hour.

GLO At-Home Whitening

You can whiten your teeth at home or maintain the results of your in-office GLO whitening treatment with an at-home GLO whitening kit that uses a gentle yet effective teeth whitening solution. This type of treatment can brighten your teeth by up to five shades over the course of one treatment (one treatment = five to seven days).

Botox is the common name for Botulinum Toxin A, a muscle relaxant used in the treatment of cosmetic issues and muscle stiffness. Botox is a biocompatible chemical agent which when injected into the skin, latches onto the nerve endings and keeps them from transmitting sensory signals. This helps to reduce tissue stiffness and gradually gets rid of the stress in them. Botox is used to get rid of fine lines, wrinkles, frown lines, and age spots, as well as to treat TMJ and chronic headaches.

Dermal fillers are an excellent and simple way to quickly reduce the wrinkles on your face and surrounding tissues. They are biocompatible substances injected into the skin. As the name suggests, they fill the region below the skin to make it appear fuller and get rid of wrinkles, thus giving you even-toned skin.

Dermal fillers are made from a chemical compound called hyaluronic acid, which is naturally present in our skin. When the ideal amount of the compound is not produced by our bodies, it has to be injected artificially to make the skin look hydrated and plump. Dermal fillers are also used for lip augmentation, which is a procedure to get fuller and plumper lips.

Dental grills are external dental appliances placed on the teeth to give them a more trendy and shiny appearance. You may have seen hip-hop artists or athletes wearing dental grills to enhance their smiles.

Grills can be made from silver or gold and encrusted with jewels to make them look more attractive. They can be customized to fit on just one tooth or on multiple teeth in a sequence. We also provide other aesthetic prostheses to help you achieve a more attractive and pleasing smile.

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the aesthetics of the smile through treatments and procedures that correct imperfections and improve the appearance of the teeth and gums. To schedule your consultation with Dr. AL Ahmad at Dental Aesthetic in Sun City, AZ, call (623) 300-5432.