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Good oral hygiene is vital to having healthy teeth and gums and a beautiful smile. Our behavior can cause various dental problems. These bad habits can damage our oral health and affect our overall health as well. Nail biting, smoking, brushing teeth aggressively, teeth grinding, using teeth as tools, and not visiting a dentist regularly are some common habits that can cause various dental problems.

Nail Biting

One of the most common bad oral habits is nail biting. If you’ve resorted to chewing on your nails out of nervousness or boredom, know that this habit can damage your teeth. When you bite down on a fingernail, you put pressure on your teeth and irritate your sensitive gums. This can cause tooth damage over time. Plus, the more you chew on your fingernails, the more you may end up tearing off parts of your natural teeth and having to get porcelain veneers to replace them.

If you tend to bite your nails when you’re nervous, find other ways to relax instead. Try meditation, breathing techniques, exercise, or even just going for a short walk outside. The more you focus on something other than your anxiety, the less often you’ll end up resorting to a bad habit like nail biting.


Individuals who smoke cigarettes or chew tobacco are much more likely to develop gum disease and tooth decay than non-smokers. Tobacco contains chemicals that stain the teeth and create an environment where bacteria can thrive. Some studies have also found that smokers are more susceptible to oral cancers, as well. If you or a loved one smokes, talk to your dentist about options for quitting.

Brushing Teeth Aggressively

If you brush your teeth too forcefully and damage the enamel, bacteria and plaque can accumulate easily on the tooth surface, leading to tooth decay or gum disease. Also, if your gums are swollen from aggressive brushing, then you may experience bleeding when you floss or use other dental hygiene techniques.

To avoid damaging your teeth and gums, you should only brush your teeth gently twice a day for two minutes, each time using a soft-bristled toothbrush. You should also use fluoride toothpaste and clean between your teeth with an interdental toothbrush on a daily basis to prevent cavities and gum disease.

Teeth Grinding

When we sleep, our muscles tend to relax. This is perfectly fine and happens with most people. However, some people will grind their teeth while they sleep, which can wear down enamel and cause sensitivity. If your teeth hurt when you wake up or throughout the day, you may be a tooth grinder. Talk to a dentist about a night guard to protect your teeth from wear and tear while you rest.

Not Visiting The Dentist Regularly

Good oral hygiene is not just about brushing and flossing your teeth every day. It’s also about seeing your dentist for regular check-ups and cleanings. Unfortunately, many people do not visit the dentist as recommended. In fact, statistics show that only 64% of adults and 23% of children in the U.S. see a dentist each year. Skipping regular appointments increases your risk for tooth decay and gum disease, which can then lead to other systemic health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, or even cancer.

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