Dental restorations are used to strengthen damaged, worn, or decayed teeth and restore them to their ideal shape and functionality. They are also used to replace missing teeth. Some of the most common dental restorations we use at Dental Aesthetic are crowns, veneers, bridges, fillings, etc.

Our dentist designs natural-looking dental restorations that can fully restore your oral functions and smile. They are manufactured from durable materials like porcelain and ceramic resin.

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Crowns are among the most versatile dental restorations as they are used for numerous cosmetic and restorative purposes. They look exactly like natural teeth on the outside but are hollow on the inside. Crowns can be placed on teeth that are broken, cracked, chipped, naturally misshapen, spaced too far apart, worn out, etc. They cover them fully and restore their contour, structural integrity, and size.

Dental bridges are designed to replace missing natural teeth. They are made from dental-grade porcelain that is customized to mimic the exact aesthetics of natural teeth. Bridges are composed of one or more prosthetic teeth and crowns placed on the adjacent teeth that support the bridge and give it the necessary stability and strength.

Fillings are among the most commonly used dental restorations, predominantly to fill cavities caused by tooth decay. They are made from ceramic or composite resin, which is customized according to the appearance of your natural teeth by our dentist. Fillings are also used to reshape teeth and cover cracks on their surface.

Some of the other types of dental restorations we provide patients include dental implants, inlays, onlays, composite bonding, dentures, etc.

Restorative dentistry procedures address both functional and aesthetic issues and help patients have fully functional, healthy smiles. If you have a weak or lost tooth, consult Dr. AL Ahmad at Dental Aesthetic in Sun City, AZ, for the best restorative dental care. You can reach us at (623) 300-5432 to schedule your appointment.